Winner’s Talk

Let’s Talk- Esteemed Guests will be invited on this panel ,their Success journeys will be shared by everyone and they will be felicitated on this Let’s Talk Show as “Winners Heroes”.

Winner’s Empowerment

I am Empowered – Ordinary people from diversified sectors will be invited on this panel, they will be empowered and will be uplifted in their area of expertise.

Winner’s Award Ceremony

Winners Awards panel – People from different categories who have done extraordinary work, their contributions in the society, their achievements in their area of work will be awarded, they work will be given recognition and they will be upgraded through this panel.

Winner’s Women Empowerment

Women who have the skill, experience and the dedication to master their skills for the country, who are talented will be provided a platform through this program and will be Empowered.

Winner’s Publication


Through blogs, e-books , paper back editions and contests on this literary platforms talented writers will be given an opportunity to be published in the e-magazine, blogs and paperback books. There will be weekly, fortnightly and monthly contests to honour such writers.

Winner’s Help Organisation

People belonging to small scale industries, small markets and conducting business from home will be provided with help from the team of winners Creators platform and their business will be upgraded in the central market sector.

Winner’s Training World

The Winners Crown

Esteemed Guests from varied fields will be invited as Mentors, coaches, Trainers and Experts from different faculties, areas and will be Felicitated with for their achievements and skills.

Girls Career Development

Girls who have the skill, talent and the perseverance to study and come up in life will be provided with study empowerment programs ,will be given the opportunity to study further and be financially independent.

Winner’s Education Development Programme

Education for one and all – TEACH AND EDUCATE

Experts from education field, Esteemed Guests will be invited from diversified faculties and their area of expertise will be shared to empower one and all .Training sessions, workshops will be conducted once in a fortnight to up-skill the young educators and learners. Parenting experts, counsellors and coaches will be invited on this panel.

Villager’s Development Programme

Village Empowerment and Development

Small villages, remote tribal areas and small hidden sectors will be provided with aids, upliftment programs and given opportunities through this enrichment platform. Aids provided by The Government and the corporation will be made aware to them. Awareness of their rights will be highlighted.

Winners Health Development Programme

Health, Hygiene and Sanitisation Programs

Post COVID People have started taking care of their surroundings, hygiene and health in a better way. Awareness is needed in small villages, towns, remote areas, sanitisation measures are needed in these hidden sectors. People need to be trained by health experts, medical staff and great hygiene measures are needed to make them aware of its benefits.

Vocational Training Programs

In this world of digital literacy much of the technical work has outshined. Digital skills and technical support and mastery has been on the top .Every student, young youth and every learner will be provided skills, training and learning through this digital program. Experts from these sectors will be invited and VOCATIONAL Training will be given through this platform.

Winner’s Computer Clinic

Refurbished Laptop/ Desktop sales and services will be provided through our panel.

Winner’s Technical Solutions

Technical trainings, skills and mastery will be given through this platform.

Blind Person and Child development

Disabled and blind people will be employed, empowered and given training in their area of creative art, mastery of skills and will be helped to be financially independent. Child Development, early childhood care, education and hygiene will taken into consideration. Awareness of culture, traditions, roots and values will be taught to young children as young as 3 and medical check ups will be conducted to monitor their health, hygiene and overall development. Early Childhood Education will be highlighted by providing education in all sectors and will be taken into every household, ballads and remote areas. Education for one and all will be the motto of this program.